Jonnie Smith
Rhythm Guitarist, Lead Singer

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Hailing from Halifax, Nova Scotia. All Jonnie wants to do is rock all day and night. Since he picked up a guitar and a microphone as a child, he became a rock star. Since founding the band in 2007 in high school the sky has been the limit ever since.

Patty Gobrah
Lead Guitarist, Background Vocals, Writer

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Patty is a Canadian from Dartmouth Nova Scotia. Patty has been writing music and singing since she was a child. Her goal in life is to spread positivity through music. She met Jonnie Smith in 2008 where the founded The Band and the rest is history

Ricky Trevor
Drummer, Backup Vocals, Super Hero

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Ricky comes from Halifax Nova Scotia. Ricky Founded the band with Jonnie in 2007. Ever since their high school show "battle of the bands," they stuck together playing various venues ever since.


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